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Medical Genomics

Specialising in sequencing and custom assay design

The medical genomics division is a purpose- built molecular profiling laboratory specialising in genomic sequencing and bespoke assays.

We deliver a range of assays to suit all requirements, driven by state-of-the-art enrichment platforms and our diverse fleet of Illumina sequencers.


These assays are provided for all stages of therapeutic development: from in vitro, animal modelling and retrospective analysis of clinical trial patient cohorts, to clinical patient assessment and clinical trial selection.

In particular, our range of targeted-capture cancer assays combines comprehensive genomic profiling of real-world clinical samples with affordability and fast turn-around times.

Automated workflows in a GCLP-compliant environment facilitate the provision of assays for both research and clinical applications.

Our analytical pipelines are developed, validated and evolved in the context of a fully documented software development lifecycle.

We provide bcl to fastq conversion, alignment of data to a reference genome or using an in-house variant calling pipeline. For certain projects we can support full interpretation to include analysis of driver events and therapeutic indications.

Bespoke analytics and clinical trial reports are available on request.

Medical Genomics

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