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Precision Panc

A dynamic therapeutic development platform in pancreatic cancer

The Precision-Panc platform is dedicated to improving the outcomes of patient with pancreatic cancer through a dynamic therapeutic development platform which takes advantage of a continuous loop of discovery, learning, refinement and implementation.


GPOL is the engine that drives Precision-Panc. GPOL’s bespoke pancreatic cancer panel allows fast turn-around of clinical sequencing and delivers high-quality data on all classes of clinically relevant alterations. The assay content is then expertly analysed and reported back to site clinicians. 

This will allow biomarker-driven clinical studies (PRIMUS trials) to be integrated into the NHS clinical research pathway without delaying patient treatment.

There are currently two PRIMUS studies recruiting, PRIMUS 001 which looks at patients with metastatic disease and PRIMUS 002 which is in the neo-adjuvant setting. One PRIMUS study, PRIMUS 003 has completed recruitment and data analysis is underway and there are several other PRIMUS studies in development, including PRIMUS 004, that looks at patients who have already had one treatment for their metastatic disease and PRIMUS 005 that will be in the locally advanced setting. 


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