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Italy Cancer Network to Pilot the Glasgow Cancer Test

20 Dec 2019

The Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory is delighted to announce that a network of Italian cancer centres will be evaluating the Glasgow Cancer Test over the coming year.

“While the NHS is evaluating the Glasgow Cancer Test in England and Scotland, it will now also be evaluated in Italy through an Italian cancer initiative. Our team has worked so hard to create a test that is supporting healthcare services to deliver affordable, comprehensive genomic testing for cancer, which can enable more treatment options for cancer patients in terms of clinical trials and the testing of new therapies.”

Director of the Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory, Regius Professor Andrew Biankin AO

The ARC-Net Centre of Verona University, Italy, is very proud to collaborate in this global enterprise with the Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory to evaluate the Glasgow Cancer Test as a potential single test to analyse cancers and offer patients effective options for treatment and trials,’ said Professor Aldo Scarpa, Director of the ARC-Net Research Centre for Applied Research on Cancer at the University and Hospital Trust of Verona.

“Thanks to the great work of global initiatives, such as the International Cancer Genome Consortium, our knowledge of cancer has advanced to a point where we can begin to select therapies based on molecular profiling of the patient with the goal of realising the promise of precision medicine.

Here in Italy, we have created an initial network of specialist centres, led by the ARC-Net centre at the University Hospital Trust of Verona, to evaluate the Glasgow Cancer Test with the goal of bringing clinically applicable precision medicine genomics to patients. We are delighted to be collaborating with the University of Glasgow to help bring this pan-cancer test to clinical use and to be part of a global initiative that aims to make it available to all patients.”


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