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New Glasgow Cancer Assays by GPOL and Agilent Technologies

4 Nov 2019

GPOL at the University of Glasgow has developed the groundbreaking new Glasgow Cancer Assays a suite of affordable, fit-for-purpose, solid and haematological cancer genomic assays, developed specifically to address the challenges of real-world oncology, both for current and emerging routine healthcare and for therapeutic development, including participant selection for clinical trials and discovering markers of response and resistance.

The Glasgow Cancer Assays are currently being evaluated by NHS labs in England and Scotland. Agilent Technologies has been granted a non-exclusive licence for global distribution and today launched the first of the Glasgow Cancer Assays.

Lesley Stephen

GPOL is hosting a Q&A session tomorrow at the National Cancer Research Institute conference in Glasgow where metastatic cancer patient, Lesley Stephen asks Professor Andrew Biankin about the Glasgow Cancer Assays and how they will assist patients like her to find appropriate clinical trials. Please come along to the Igloo at 1.30pm to hear more.

Professor Andrew Biankin

The Glasgow Cancer Assays were created so that every patient with cancer could have access to the latest treatments and clinical trials,” said Professor Andrew Biankin, Regius Professor of Surgery and Director of the Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory. “Our team of inventors, including Susie Cooke, Philip Beer and David Chang, have dedicated the last five years of their lives to creating the Glasgow Cancer test. This test will enable patients around the world to access the best treatments for their cancer. I’m extremely proud of what the team have done and where this might take us for healthcare in the future.”

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