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Dr Nigel Jamieson

Clinical Lead

Dr Nigel Jamieson is a surgeon-scientist and Clinical Lead of the Glasgow Precision Oncology Laboratory’s (GPOL) Clinical Implementation group. In 2018 Dr Jamieson joined the Precision-Panc clinical trials programme for patients with pancreatic cancer as a clinical senior lecturer with the Institute of Cancer Sciences and honorary consultant pancreatic surgeon Glasgow Royal Infirmary.

During his medical degree at the University of Glasgow, Dr Jamieson undertook lab work at the University of California, Davis, on an animal obesity project. On his return, he enrolled in an extra science degree on obesity and cancer, and what factors were thought to be involved in weight loss in cancer patients. Having specialised in pancreatic cancer surgery, in 2006 Dr Jamieson began a PhD at the CRUK Beatson Institute investigating the role of genomics in pancreatic cancer.

After completing his surgical training including periods as an observer at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore and Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, New York, he undertook an international fellowship year of pancreas and liver surgery in Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia, where he gained significant experience in post-neoadjuvant therapy pancreatic resections.

Since joining GPOL, Dr Jamieson has an active role in the development and management of the Precision-Panc platform and his primary research interest focuses on the interaction between the genomic landscape, the immune microenvironment and chemotherapy in patients with pancreatic cancer. Dr Jamieson aims to develop combination therapeutic strategies that target immune evasion in pancreatic cancer.

‘Our overall global strategy is to provide trials for patients with pancreatic cancer, which enables a more personalised, stratified approach. Within that, I am working on finding a better understanding of the immune landscape in pancreatic cancer with, and without, chemotherapy.

‘As a researcher, I am working to build an internationally competitive research group focusing on molecular pathology, diagnosis and prognostication for upper gastro-intestinal cancer, in particular pancreatic cancer. And as an academic surgeon in hepatobiliary (liver, gallbladder, bile ducts) and pancreatic disease, I am looking to combine molecular and translational research with surgical practice to improve the management of my patients and the larger community of patients with pancreatic cancer.’


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